FREE NHS Health Check to help you live well for longer

If you are aged 40-74 years and live in Hull, you could be eligible for a FREE NHS Health Check.





Why have a FREE NHS Health Check?

  • Be proactive – tackle problems before they become a concern

  • Use the results to prioritise lifestyle changes confidently






How do I get a FREE NHS Health Check?


Health Checks Hull has set up conveniently located Community Hubs for face-to-face health checks across Hull.

They are close to transport links with flexible opening hours.

You can book your health check with our expert health coaches at a time and place to suit you. 




Expert advice and support


Health Checks Hull is commissioned to deliver free NHS City Council, supporting the Health Check catch-up programme.

Because we care about your health, we offer more than NHS Health Checks, our qualified expert health advisors are passionate about supporting you on a journey to make lifestyles changes to help you live well for longer.


Clear and actionable results

Your results provide a deeper understanding of your health and help spot the early signs of risk of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia.

They give you an accurate, NHS validated snapshot of what’s happening inside your body so that you can take the steps necessary to take control of your health and wellbeing.

We cut through the jargon to provide you with an easy-to-understand report.




One of our health coaches will talk you through your results to explain what it means and provide personalised advice.

Your results may mean you need a referral to your GP or other health care professional.

We may also refer you to other organisations for ongoing support to improve your health. 







A personal health coach in your palm


Our Free Best You app provides extra support and motivation to make lasting lifestyle changes easier.

You can track and improve your health and wellbeing, anywhere, anytime available on the App Store and Google Play or at


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